Convert visitors to satisfied customers


How it works

If customer is looking for immediate help, or he is interested in later consultation, thanks to application he can easily connect with your operator via chat, phone call or even a hands-on video call. Easily and without installation. Register your company and take advantage of new customer service opportunities on your website.

Why Visitele

Offer your customers the benefits of website and a branch office in one. Visitele makes shopping and providing services on your website a unique experience.

Instant response

Whether it's day or night, you'll be able to answer your customers' questions whenever they call you. Instant response will definitely be appreciated anywhere in the world

Multi-level communication

Sometimes just a few words, sometimes visual contact is needed. With Visitele, a customer can choose how they want to communicate. Whether in the form of a chat, audio call or video call.


The customer can choose from the list of current free operators one who will devote himself / herself virtually and answer all his / her questions.

Multimedia presentation

The seller can share their screen with shoppers, where they can see, for example, presentation videos or LIVE videos directly from the store.

Automatic reply

Thanks to the semi-automation of the chat, you get all the customers. You can prepare the most common keyword responses that your retailer can edit before submitting.

Custom design

Customize the application interface to match your brand design. Visitele window is simply integrated into your site with JAVA SCRIPT.

For you

If you are e-shop operator, consultancy or educational service provider, or a state or municipal institution, then Visitele application has been developed for you. It is a place where you can meet visitors and make good contracts through a video call. Cheap and environmentally friendly.

Where it works

We know that e-shops are being visited from different devices. Mobile phones are popular in the younger generation, older people still prefer to use their personal computer. That's why our service is available from all your PC devices and you're logged in from PCs and Macs, mobile devices, of course, from both Android and iPhone.


Take advantage of the trial period free of charge with a money-back guarantee, if the service does not convince you, or a great discount on prepayment for 12 months.


Chat, with extended audio and video channel, gives our clients information required for purchase, just in time.
Anton Michalica
CEO at Travel.Sk
Ability to communicate with customers increases their activity in eshop and decreases needs for additional informations from competitors websites.
Blazena Nacinova
Ready, right answer and establishment of relation with customer helps to find solution that meets customer expectations.
Jan Matejcik
customers support


Delight your customers. One window on your site can turn them into satisfied shoppers. Call us and try Visitele for free.
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